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".... Boy Scout troop [15 ventured out] (with families) for a day dedicated to Spiderman! It was a wonderful, interesting day.

We began with a bus ride from our homes in New Jersey to New York City. We chartered a bus for the occasion as we had a large group (49 people). The bus had problems (potential overheating...yikes!) so we had to wait for a new bus. Yes, we were now late but, thankfully, we did not overheat on the Turnpike!

Playbill: Spiderman: Turn Off the DarkOn with the show! We arrived at Pearl Studios on 8th Avenue to participate in a Master Class about Spiderman offered by Students Live. ... Usually the programs include learning a song and dance from a Broadway show that is taught by an actor in the show. When I approached Students Live about Spiderman and the Boy Scouts, I told them that this is not a song and dance kind of group. I knew the boys would prefer some information about how the show works. With only those parameters, Bryan at Students Live worked with the folks at Spiderman to put together a fantastic program. One of the stage managers came to the studio and actually taught the boys how the show works. We broke into groups, some boys were actors, some were scenery (the scenery moving is an integral part of this show) and one was the stage manager. After writing the directions, we each "acted" our part but only upon the instruction of our acting stage manager. It was an awesome program. We are only sad we missed a half hour of the program due to our broken bus. An added bonus-the stage manager who worked with us is an Eagle Scout! He related how his status as an Eagle Scout has helped him in his work. What a great program! ...

After the workshop, we wandered over to Bryant Park for lunch. Some had brought their lunches others purchased lunches at vendors or nearby restaurants. All enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. Then, it was on to the show!

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark PosterWhat can I say about Spiderman Turn off the Dark....It is spectacular. The actors fly through the sky, the scenery moves so that you are looking down from sky scrapers, up at sky scrapers, through sky scrapers, around corners etc. The aerobatics are so stunning that the difficult to follow storyline doesn't matter. (Was it the sound quality or are some of the actors a bit soft spoken...I don't know but many of us had difficulty understanding the words spoken.) The true standout in this show, other than the flights, is the woman who plays the female spider. Her voice is powerful but angelic. Don't go to this show if you want a traditional Broadway experience where you are humming songs from the show for days to follow. Go to this show if you want to be blown away by the possibility of all that theater can offer. It's edgy, it's a bit dark, it's fun! It was absolutely perfect for a group of teen boys and their families!

After the show we stopped for pictures in Times Square then stopped for pizza at a very little pizza place on 41st Street between 6th and Broadway, Pronto Pizza. This was not the original plan but the pizza place I originally booked (I won't name names but it was not in the theater district) canceled my reservation for dinner only two days before our event. I was a bit panic stricken as I was responsible for 49 people. Alas, this is a good group of people on this trip whom I knew would work with me. By the grace of God, my son spotted this pizza place while we were eating lunch. They only have about 60 seats in their restaurant but they told me they would be happy to help me out. At 5:00 on the nose, 49 people descended upon Pronto Pizza. The staff could not have been nicer. They made 17 delicious pizzas, two massive and delicious Caesar Salads, provided pitcher after pitcher of sodas and did so with a generous heart. The price was excellent and the experience just great. I highly recommend visiting this little pizza place on your next visit to NYC. Did I mention that the pizza is delicious!

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark - Troop 15 Enjoys the Workshop

By 6:30 we were on the bus home. Our bus driver generously exited the city via the Holland Tunnel so all of us could get a good view of Lady Liberty. The sun was setting as we drove by then we all settled in to our seats for the drive home.

It was a wonderful day in New York City enjoying the boys and Spiderman!

Moms [aka, Julie W.]"

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