Troop 15 Members:
Troop 15 recently received notice that AOL users are reporting emails coming from the domain as SPAM. This is a problem because if we are reported enough times, AOL will take further action and blacklist our Domain and IP Address. If our IP Address and Domain are blacklisted, our website and email lists will no longer function. We will also loose all internet and email services provided to us by our hosting company, 3essentials.
It is critical that each and every member save and review This Document .
The doocument contains important information regarding the notificiation as well as detailed actions that Troop Members must take.

If you are a parent of a scout who is utilizing an AOL address, please review this information with them as well.
Parents of scouts utilizing an AOL email address should visit the parental controls area of the AOL software and allow attachments from Troop 15's email address to come through on their son's email address.  If you need help completing this step, please refer to and/or call AOL for more details.
We need everyones help to correct this situation.
If you have any questions, please simply reply to this email.

Thank You.
Get the Cricital Document Here